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Business Design -Hungary,Czech-Republic,Slovakia

We are helping to develop companies to become a marketable, conscious and constantly developing. We are generating custom-made systems, which are encouraging the user to renew, adopt and getting more and more effective.

We are highlighting your values


Understand the company at the deepest levels, finding it's hidden values, problems, history, etc..

Draw and visualise the company's system with full transparency, made both for employees and customers (infographics)

creating a simple communication system built according to the  infographics, which 100% covers the owner's ideology and meets with the firm's habits and possibilities

Introducing the new brandbook and communication to the employees, get them loyal and engaged with the changes, train them for the next 5 moth's changes

Create a plan on changing the company's visual identity. How to communicate the changes, renew the website, what physical objects to change, how much would it cost, etc..

Designing a new or renewed brand with strong guidelines which are reflecting to the company's culture and the target's needs. The brand's graphics should be both up to date and timeless, yet renewable 

Starting a pilot mode with the employees to spot the mistakes and develop their ideas into the new brand.

Automatise the whole system, make it the easiest way to use for employees, without any help from me

Ready to go public, full PR , marketing, etc.. plan starts

Ready to let their hand go, coming back every 6 moth to check and hold communication training, develop the ideas and the system

Monitor the market's reaction, looking for black holes in the system, overcome on the upcoming problems

custom-made marketing campaigns

team-building - work = playing = fun

websites, branded contents, clever systems, user-friendly ideas and functions 

leadership training

communal brain storming

facilitate the generation changes in small companies

innovative brochure, publication content and design

event planning, Branded installation and entertainment design

networking - connect clients to cooperate

introducing systems and platforms for a better workflow - Mailchimp system, website system, social media system, Monday system, etc.. custom schedule for departments, trackable systems for customers and leadership